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Vortx – 4D Environmental Simulator



Vortx lets you feel on-screen effects like wind and fire, to bring you the ultimate immersive experience in games, video and VR.

Vortx is the world’s first 4D simulator that can physically recreate any virtual environment in the comfort of your home or office. It reads and analyzes audio and video data in real-time to create physical effects that you can feel to match what you see and hear; because Vortx processes live data that means it is compatible with ANY PC game title and every digital video platform.

 Imagine feeling the effects of bullets whizzing by and battlefield explosions in Battlefield. Or what about the swirling inferno of Drogon’s fiery breath in Game of Thrones?

With Vortx you won’t just see and hear the action — you’ll feel it.

We all remember the golden age of simulator rides and get nostalgic about experiences like Star ToursHoney I Shrunk the Kids and Captain EO. We’ve seen surround sound become the norm, 3D get better, VR make leaps and bounds, and AR/MR emerge as real consumer technologies.

While growth has been unprecedented, immersive experiences have always been limited to sight and sound. We’re here to change that.  

The magic of Vortx lays in our patented software engine. The engine uses adaptive algorithms to analyze scenes in real-time then translates on-screen effects into real world sensations you can feel, like wind, fire and ice.



Where traditional immersive devices like haptic/rumble feedback or VR headsets and peripherals have stumbled, Vortx needs no outside integration or back-end development. Gaming titles and movies no longer need support from the source – Vortx just works. With EVERY game and ANY video platform (e.g. Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, etc.) for new or old content.


Vortx challenges the status quo of passive observation and engagement by adding real-world, real-time environmental effects to every media experience. Not only will Vortx enhance every viewing situation, it will make you want to re-watch everything you ever have in the past.


Driven by our patented Environmental Experience (EX) algorithm, Vortx recognizes and responds to on-screen elements in real-time to replicate events such as airflow and temperature changes. No developers or coding needed!


Built by and for gamers, Vortx was created to be easily integrated with your existing PC setup. Simply plug in and start experiencing.







Vortx analyzes what is happening on-screen to create physical effects and sensations you can feel. From fiery explosions to the rush of wind at high speeds, Vortx puts you in the center of the action so you can feel what you see.


Simply turning the oversized dial will give you the ability to adjust the intensity level of all the effects, from temperature to wind speed.


You’ll have complete control of the LED lighting should you want to customize them to match your keyboard and mouse. You’re also able to direct airflow with the adjustable nozzle to ensure that you’re truly immersed, no matter where you go.




Enhance every gaming experience with acute awareness of the environment around you and your characters. Vortx works with any and all your favorite gaming titles from FPS, to MMO/RPGs and racing simulators. Now you’ll finally be able to feel the power of every explosion, high-speed movement and teleportation, or even the warmth of a burning enemy.


Surround sound is a thing of the past; Vortx will make your cinematic experiences even more enjoyable and real with its innovative immersion technology. Compatible with all digital video content including streaming services such as Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Vortx will make sure that you’ll feel everything the director captured.


Virtual reality is only as real as the user perceives it to be. Vortx works in conjunction with popular VR devices like Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive to even further enhance each and every VR experience. By adding environmental cues like whispering winds or ambient warmth, Vortx will trick your mind into believing the situations to be lifelike and real.

Sprung from the mind of our CEO and founder Tim, the idea arose one day as he was trying out a VR experience that placed him on top of Mount Everest; a door opened nearby letting in a rush of cool air that matched what he was seeing. At that moment, the symphony of sight, sound and touch sparked a mission to share his experience.

Through a chance encounter via mutual friends Tim was introduced Matt, who now leads software engineering efforts. Trial and error produced many great (and some ill-advised) advances in development over the first year or so, until one day a major breakthrough was discovered.

What had seemingly stunted the growth of traditional haptic and immersive devices, was now able to be overcome. Using an ingenious approach to data manipulation and audio/video capture, real-time environmental analysis could be achieved by Vortx. Meaning that ALL content was accessible and compatible with Vortx eliminating any need for integration by developers or content creators.

From that point on, revisions were made based on feedback received from gaming hardware and consumer tech communities around the globe. This resulted in a size reduction of over 50% and heavily refined software that increased accuracy, compatibility and reduced latency amongst many other improvements.

Which brings us to today. With thousands of demos over the past 2 years at trade shows, conventions and events we believe we now have the perfect iteration to bring to market. And frankly, we can’t wait to share our joy and passion that have gone into Vortx, with you.





Founded in 2015, Whirlwind FX’s mission is to develop fully-immersive experiences that go beyond the boundaries of sight and sound. The thrill of the sensation will unlock a new way of playing games, watching videos and having virtual experiences.


We know from experience that building hardware is tough!

With over 40 years of combined manufacturing and engineering experience under our belts, we understand and have overcome the challenges of supply chain, fulfillment and customer support many times in the past. We have seasoned partners in Asia helping us to ensure smooth production processes, maintenance of high quality control standards and aggressive negotiations for quality components at competitive prices so that we can provide you with the highest quality products at affordable prices.

As consumers, we’ve been disappointed by projects we’ve backed personally on Kickstarter so we’re doing all we can to avoid the pitfalls of those experiences. Most new hardware startups fall short during the manufacturing phase because they have never created product at scale. We know how to deliver, given that our team members have led or managed a plethora of consumer products that have come to market and hit the shelves at all major retailers including Walmart, Amazon, Target, Best Buy and more. Quite simply, our team has moved millions of products over the past few years and we are confident in our abilities to continue doing so with Vortx.

We have been a part of some amazing hardware companies in the past. Our passion for immersive technology is what brings us together and will set us apart from competitors for years to come. Your support and the support of our community means everything to us – we can’t wait to bring Vortx to you.

Vortx - 4D Environmental Simulator

Vortx lets you feel on-screen effects like wind and fire, to bring you the ultimate immersive experience in games, video and VR.

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Vortx lets you feel on-screen effects like wind and fire, to bring you the ultimate immersive experience in games, video and VR.

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