SUPER BULBS – The Touchdown Light


Super Bulbs is an amazing internet-connected sports device that reacts in real time using live sports data.



Stadium hype - direct to your home!
Stadium hype – direct to your home!




The Experience
The Experience



The Fan Device with Football Smarts
The Fan Device with Football Smarts


Like you, we are sports fans too. And we realized, wouldn’t it be great to design fan products that not only look awesome, but also come alive on gameday? So we did it! And thus Super Bulbs was born.


Reacts Instantly To Your Team's Game
Reacts Instantly To Your Team’s Game


Incredible Super Bulbs Events
Incredible Super Bulbs Events

From the build-up… to the heart-pumping anticipation as your team takes the field… to the explosion of emotions on the moments that matter… the unique Super Bulbs experience ensures that when awesome things happen in the stadium, you get to join the party!

Super Bulbs celebrates with you!




You know that feeling when your college song starts pumping through the speakers, and all of a sudden you’re part of a 99,000-strong singalong? Or when the beat drops and you’re jumping around at a stadium dance party? Super Bulbs gives you all that energy and emotion… and plugs it right into your home in real time!

Choose Your Team Colors in App
Choose Your Team Colors in App




Super Bulbs sounds amazing and looks incredible. It is internet connected and brings the stadium and game experience right to your room – instantly.

When you can’t get to the game, Super Bulbs is the next closest thing

Customize your celebrations through the app and record your team’s fight songs to play when you win.


Light, Sound, Songs and Chants... All the Excitement in Your Home
Light, Sound, Songs and Chants… All the Excitement in Your Home





A product with football smarts! Lights, sounds, songs and chants. Celebrations you customize through the app to act just like you do on gameday.

Stadium Lights Right There With You
Stadium Lights Right There With You


Light Up Your Home!
Light Up Your Home!


Blow the Opposition Away
Blow the Opposition Away

We’ve worked with audio engineers so that Super Bulbs pumps out great sound.

Supersize Your Super Bulbs!
Supersize Your Super Bulbs!

Need even bigger sound? Use the sound output to plug into additional speakers to create a bigger sound.

Using the App, you can record your very own personal Super Bulbs celebrations and moments!

Customize your Super Bulbs device so it acts just like you on gameday. Are you a jump out of your seat, yelling and screaming type of fan? Then turn up your Super Bulbs for a full-throttle experience.

Customize Your Stadium Immersion Level
Customize Your Stadium Immersion Level

Prefer to watch a little more quietly and bite your nails? Then you can dial back the experience a little.

Go head-to-head with your buddy; set the challenge and take control of their Super Bulbs when your team wins.




Super Bulbs are incredible. Everything you see here, is what you get with your experience.

Won’t Super Bulbs look so much better when we can add your very own team logo? We’d love for Super Bulbs to go so big on Kickstarter that we are almost sure to have all the official markings of your college and school. So lock in your pledge, and show the strength of your support!

So there you have it… Super Bulbs: welcome to the future of your fan cave! All we need now is you – yes you! Show your true colors and get behind Super Bulbs!

So come on, show your support, and have more fun on gameday!



We designed Super Bulbs so it’s super-easy to set up. Straight out of the box, Super Bulbs come ready for a great gameday experience.

Simple To Get Started!
Simple To Get Started!

Delivering products like Super Bulbs requires focus on two key areas: the device itself, and the connections that deliver the magic and experiences.

The Super Bulbs Sports Connection:

Football Smarts
Football Smarts


From the Stadium Directly to Your Home
From the Stadium Directly to Your Home


What comes in the box?

  • 1 Super Bulbs unit
  • 1st year Live Game Data Feed Subscription for free (this triggers off your Super Bulbs)
  • Power cord
  • Chrome badge with six Badge colors (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Crimson)
  • 2 sets of white sport team numbers (0-9)
  • Instructions and quick set-up guide

NB: Super Bulbs will not work on ‘Enterprise routers’ – ie, ones which require you to accept Ts & Cs through a login screen. Examples are some offices and public networks such as airports. All home routers with the above specs are compatible with our device.



Super Bulbs comes with a bonus subscription to the live game data feed for the 2018 season. Our sports data feed package is piped into the platform and then through our ‘Quick-Link’ technology we trigger devices all around the country.


The Super Bulbs companion App will be available for download via the iOS App Store and Google Play. Key functions of the app include:

  • Pair your device to your local Wi-Fi network
  • Register your team and account setup
  • Settings for game celebrations
  • Integration options with other smart home devices


And us? We here at Creator are just that – Experience Creators. Our expertise is in developing hardware with an awesome user experience. Now we are pairing that expertise with our love of sport to launch an amazing new way to experience being a fan.

This ain’t our first rodeo. Our Head Product Engineer Doug has worked on hundreds of hardware projects in previous roles.

And our Digital Lead Slade and his team are the brains behind the connection that brings Super Bulbs alive on gameday.

We are as passionate about product design as we are sport, and we realized that we really weren’t interested in developing IoT (Internet of Things) products solving non-existent problems. I mean, it’s nice to know when you’re out of milk, or to turn your kettle on from the bedroom, but seriously? We knew it was time to create products that you guys out there would love, based on the passion for your favorite team, not the ‘pain’ of running out of milk!

We set up Creator in early 2016, and our team has been working flat out on Super Bulbs for more than a year. We have poured into Super Bulbs everything we’ve learned over a decade of product development and dynamic sports devices.

Creator is led by the product design veterans, who in previous roles helped develop the massively successful Budweiser Red Light (Hockey) and VB Scoreboard (Cricket). Now it’s time for our many American friends to have your turn with Super Bulbs and College Football!

Our leadership team has spent a decade developing awesome new sports experiences and IoT product solutions for some of the world’s largest companies.



We have recruited the best hardware, software, engineering and manufacturing partners to deliver you an amazing product in time for next season.

Production plan: 

  • Manufacture: May-July 2018
  • Out of the factory: August 2018
  • Shipping: Late August-Early Sept 2018

Super Bulbs is a Wi-Fi enabled smart home device. We will have integration with other leading smart home experiences and platforms.




For a limited number of Aussie Rules fans, you can secure one of only 200 Super Bulbs. We will deliver the devices next August in Australia in time for Finals.

We’ve been told this is like the Aussie Rules version of ‘Boonie Doll’ meets ‘Google Home’. Be the first in Australia to experience Super Bulbs excitement pumped straight to your home during the game.

SUPER BULBS - The Touchdown Light

The Smart Home Device for Football Fans That Lights Up and Roars When Your Team Scores

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SUPER BULBS - The Touchdown Light

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