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SPINX – World’s First Toilet Cleaning Robot


Say goodbye to your old brush. SPINX is a fully automatic toilet cleaning robot.





 SpinX is a fully automatic toilet cleaning robot. This patent-pending device cleans your toilet bowl and seat. All you have to do is press a button and SpinX will clean your toilet and seat in just 90 seconds. With SpinX you’ll have a perfectly clean toilet!


 1. A robotic arm with a rotating brush cleans the toilet bowl:

2. SpinX’s water jets are washing the seat thoroughly, Followed by compressed air drying it perfectly:

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Gentle-Closing, “Sittable” Lid. No matter how hard you try, the gentle-closing lid quietly shuts. In addition, our lid is fully “sittable”, up to 330 pounds.


SpinX has an optional cover. You can choose whether to use it or not. Behind the cover are the sprinklers that clean the seat with soap and water, air pressure outlets that dry the seat and an arm with a brush hidden inside a cell. Before operating SpinX, remove its cover and when it’s done working, you can put the cover back and SpinX returns back to it’s elegant and luxurious look.

You can use your favorite toilet cleaner- liquid or tablets.



The toilet cleaner tablets are simply placed into their tank, automatically providing the perfect amount of soap each time you operate SpinX. Tablets will last for 50 cleaning cicles. You can use your favorite toilet cleaner brand or use SpinX tablets. 

Each Spinx’s tablet lasts for 15-20 sessions. You can put up to 3 SpinX tablets in a tank, enjoy at least 50 cleaning cycles and have a clean and shiny toilet.

SpinX operates on low power consumption (12V). Every 30 cleaning cycles charge the battery in your charging base.




Let’s face it: the most hated household chore in the world is toilet cleaning. No one wants to clean the toilet and touch it with their hands… We hate it so much that we avoid doing so whenever it’s possible—even though we know we shouldn’t… Every time we clean the toilet (usually more than twice a week) we have to put on gloves, hold our breath, take the brush and begin to squeeze, scrub, rinse and dry…

Most of the people will agree that when it comes to cleaning the toilet we must not compromise and be lazy because it is one of the areas that get dirty on a daily basisaccumulate bacteria and unpleasant odors. In other words, hygiene has to be above all. No one really wants to give up on a clean and fragrant house.

That’s is why we invented SpinX for 2 years— a single goal: make toilet cleaning automatic, quicker, and more efficient so we have more time for the relevant things in our life. 

Let’s throw the gloves away. cleaning the toilet can be funnier by watching the robot does all the dirty work itself! We want our toilet to shine forever!


SpinX has a very simple installation. Remove your existing lid, place a mounting plate, attach the supply hose of water and toilet cleaner, slide SpinX on and that’s it! 10 seconds and you have a clean toilet for ever!



Once the campaign is over you will be able to select an Elongated or a ROUND SpinX.





We truly believe in Kickstarter as a platform, where like-minded entrepreneurs and early adopters bring together innovative, disruptive and sophisticated projects to life. We already supported a dozen projects from other people on Kickstarter on our own. SpinX is a completely new device and needs to be “understood” in the first place. Kickstarter connects us with people like us; fact-interested, early-adopting and technology-enthusiastic people. SpinX needs your help to fully come to life. Prototypes and pre-production units were financed by ourselves. But the time has come, that we currently face high upfront expenses regarding tooling, certification, studies and minimum quantity purchases. We strongly believe that we’ve created a product that many people are craving for, ourselves included. We do also highly appreciate every feedback and requests regarding SpinX. If you have something you want to share with us, please feel free to write us any time at

We came up with the idea of automatic toilet cleaning robot, simply because we are annoyed by cleaning the toilet. We put on gloves, took a brush, soap and rags, we shut our nose and cleaned the toilet at least twice a week for too many years. That wasn’t really satisfying for us. that’s why we were working very hard all together for about two years, to get the WORLD’S FIRST TOILET-CLEANING ROBOT.



We at SpinX love high-quality products. They are durable, simple and “just work”. We are proud to say thatSpinX is designed, developed and produced and we ensure high quality, quick development, and low delivery costs. We’ve now finalized our SpinX prototype, but moving to the production phase requires significant capital and scale. We need your help to finance the required tooling and meet minimum order quantities. We’ve spent months and months working out the tiniest and biggest details of this project, and are very excited about finally having the opportunity to bring Spinx to each one of you.
   “Your hands are meant for greatness, not for cleaning toilets”

Although Spinx looks like a complicated device, not like other, we kept the internal parts simple, such as motors, blowers and water taps. all these parts already exists in the market. In fact, the only parts that have to be produced specifically are plastics.
This allows us to develop quickly, and to choose between various different suppliers.
Our team has a very strong background in management, product design and mechanical engineering. We have already defined our manufacturing flow and our sourcing of the various different parts. Not only this, but we are also in talks with several manufacturers for every part of SpinX. This allows us to scale production and logistics accordingly.

Although it’s difficult to plan for every unforeseen circumstance, such as political or economic events that might delay production or delivery, we’ve created contingency plans should these type of problems arise. Nevertheless, we are certain to face unexpected challenges throughout this journey and will do our best to solve them quickly. We pledge to keep our backers well-informed in a timely manner throughout the entire production process and to do everything we can to deliver SpinX to you as planned.

SPINX - World's First Toilet Cleaning Robot

Say goodbye to your old brush. SPINX is a fully automatic toilet cleaning robot.

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Say goodbye to your old brush. SPINX is a fully automatic toilet cleaning robot.

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