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Replicator 1# and #2


Humanity, science, and technology violently collide in a post-apocalyptic London.

REPLICATOR #2 "River of Corpses" Variant Aaron Alfeche
REPLICATOR #2 “River of Corpses” Variant Aaron Alfeche


New stretch goal!!

James Raiz(Transformers, Hulk and Wonder Woman)

James will be doing his take on Aaron’s Mech, which will be available to all backers IF WE HIT 350 Backers.

It will be a half body commission.

My Personal Favourite
My Personal Favourite

Below are the stretch goals, all backers will receive copies of all of the art below as well as whatever reward you chose.

If you backed a physical tier and you will get prints of these in your hands.

If you backed a Digital tier you will get it digitally.




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The money won’t come out of your account until the campaign finishes on 17th of November and only if it’s successful.

So pledge now ! (note – if need to alter your pledge later you can.)

Incoming New Reward! Custom ONE OF A KIND Funko Pops. Get the Funko Pop Killer Himself “Monster Ryker” These are one of kind, Hand sculpted, Hand painted by me- Robert Arnold.

Below we have Monster Ryker after he has dispatched Marty Mcfly. Ryker is sporting his tattered suit and tie which have been damaged by all the fights he has been in, along with his black monster arm. Finished off with some hauntingly beautiful green eyes.

To Purchase a Monster Ryker simply add 130aud to any pledge level( this includes shipping to anywhere in the world) or select the reward level over on the right-hand side. There are a limited number of these available.


REPLICATOR #2 Minimalist Cover - Armin Ozdic
REPLICATOR #2 Minimalist Cover – Armin Ozdic


What is Replicator?

REPLICATOR IS NOT a story for kids, it’s violent, gory and has adult themes, people die often and horrifically.  If you are looking for a comic for your kids this is not it.

We are back on Kickstarter after successfully funding and shipping REPLICATOR #1 (100% finished and printed coming in at a massive 32 pages)

We have 15 pages of REPLICATOR #2 left to complete, the goal of this Kickstarter is to fund and print these remaining pages.  It will be 22 pages with the potential of more if the project reaches the stretch goals.

Link to preview

or read the overview below.

Why Replicator?

Depression and mental health are important to me. I have depression and I have written a long post about it in the about you section. I wrote Replicator because I was unable to relate to a lot of the mainstream superheroes with their “do the right thing and everything will be ok” mantra.

I found as a teenager with depression that kind of thought process alienated me. It made me feel more isolated and that there must be something wrong with me because I would do the right thing and things wouldn’t be ok.

This is not something you want a teenager going through. Life isn’t like that, and pretending it’s all sunshine and rainbows is counterproductive.

I related more to the “evil” villains as they often had a compelling reason why they had to do what they had to do and a lot of them were mentally unstable. If I had known there were others like me then maybe I wouldn’t have felt so alone.

I also got frustrated that one of the superhero’s biggest concerns was juggling their superhero life with their secret identity. People deal with much bigger issues.

In Replicator I want bullets to kill people, I want people that have unique powers and use them effectively I don’t want to have superheroes to come back to life after being killed with no repercussions and I don’t want to have stereotypical good guys and bad guys, I want you to decide who is good and bad and who is just doing what needs to be done.

 Who will love Replicator? 

  • Fans of sci-fi comics
  • Fans of post-apocalyptic comics
  • People that love futuristic technology and Mechs
  • People that love superpowers
  • Fans of top quality art.
  • People that can’t relate to mainstream superhero’s and want better powers and more original storylines.


REPLICATOR #2 - Page 11!
REPLICATOR #2 – Page 11!

What the critics are saying.

Comics anonymous

Grim in places as it needs to be an edge of your seat elsewhere, this first issue is the type of debut that shows the potential of both its creative team and the title itself and with it all ending on a cliffhanger it sets things up so that you are desperate to know when we’ll see more. 9/10  

Rogues Portal-

My prediction is this series has the ability to be the next Saga in terms of success. Being sci-fi related has the chance to hold it back slightly but give it time to garner a cult following and give it the right marketing campaign and anything is possible. Let’s wait and see what happens next.

 Outright Geekery

It’s got a great blend of action, intrigue, and mystery to keep readers interested in what’s happening here. This is one of those books that I keep saying you need to support, the kind that you find in Artist Alley at a convention that shows off the passion and love of the industry. 

Fellowship of the Geek-

Like many great thrillers, this book lays down the tension on the personal scale and on the large citywide level and then cranks it on for good measure. Go check it out.

REPLICATOR #2 Page 8-9!
REPLICATOR #2 Page 8-9!


So where is all the money going?

Book Production: $4645

Printing: $502

Shipping: $500

Ks Fee’s: $375

Prints and Cards: $300

Total: $6322

The total cost of making this Issue is more than 6k However I am only asking for $3750 which is what it will take to finish the comic, If i’m not prepared to invest my own money in the project I can’t expect you to.

The Art Team

The art quality of Replicator is gorgeous, beautifully disturbing at times haunting and harrowing. It’s one thing I wont compromise on. Being successful on Kickstarter allows me to work with some incredible artists from all over the world- England, Scotland, USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina Philippines and Australia and that’s not including the artists that have done character and concept sketches.

One thing of Note the people that work on the covers are the same people that work on the internals. I’m not bringing in some superstar to wow you and then reduce the quality inside. The Covers are incredible and so are the internals.

You can check out more of the art teams work below if you wish.

Armin Ozdic.

Ross. A Campbell.

Aaron Alfeche.

Sean Callahan.


The Merchandise and Packaging.

I want to be clear about one thing. When it comes to shipping all you are paying for is for is the cost of sending it from the post office to your house. You are not paying for bags, boards, packaging materials or my time.

Shipping can get expensive and I want to make it as cheap as physically possible. I buy things in bulk and make my own packaging to cut down on costs.

I love packaging it’s a weird thing to say but there is something about getting a package in the mail that is special.

All physical rewards are bagged and boarded and encased in cardboard and sealed with tape.

Below is an example of how it arrives I learned this method while working at Raygun comics in England to ensure that the comics arrive at the destination with the comics undamaged.

Not Pretty- But Effective.
Not Pretty- But Effective.

The edges are sealed with tape so no water can get inside and to ensure the gaps are firmly sealed closed.

Below is one of the wax sealed folders that comes with the rewards of $50 or above. You can also add it as an add-on to any physical level for $5.

I decided to use manilla folders because it looks better and is thicker than the envelopes I had access to.


Sealed Folder with close up.
Sealed Folder with close up.



The available prints from the top left – Red Death, Green Cover, Ka-boom Monster and the River of Corpses-Printed on 300gsm.



The available Sketch Cards (A5) from the top left – Martin Griffiths, Michael Lee-Graham, Elena Vitagliano, Michael Lee-Graham Lee Sullivan Josh Suarez.

The Printed Comic, Prints and Sketch Cards.
The Printed Comic, Prints and Sketch Cards.



























Replicator 1# and #2

Humanity, science, and technology violently collide in a post-apocalyptic London.

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Awesome Idea

Humanity, science, and technology violently collide in a post-apocalyptic London.

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