Luminoodle Task – Flexible Utility Lighting

Best price Luminoodle Task – Flexible Utility Lighting
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  • 3600 lumens that bend to your every whim


Light isn’t just a product, it’s a key ingredient for productivity. Designed with a thin and flexible form factor, the Luminoodle Task is the solution to get light where you need it most. From the great outdoors to your home and garage, the Luminoodle Task keeps you going well into the night.

Lighting should enhance everything you do, but the current solutions don’t offer the flexibility your varied projects demand. Too much time is spent dodging shadows or precariously balancing your flashlight instead of working on the task at hand – fixing, creating, lounging, doing.

The Luminoodle Task was designed to be the right light in the right place for the right job.




Electric light is arguably the most important innovation in our history. It shaped the way we live and work. With the Luminoodle Task, we can finally shape light to fit our needs. We designed the Luminoodle Task to bend to your will, tack on to any metal surface, pack up small and easy, and fill any room with natural-looking, feel-good light.


The Task uses an 80/20 blend of 6500k (cool) and 2700k (warm) 2835 LED light packets to simulate the full spectrum of the sun, resulting in truer color rendering and better feeling light.


The Task Link is our first ever linkable Luminoodle. Use the included loop rings or 6-foot extension cables to create your own super-bright 3 light system.








We designed the original Luminoodle in 2015 with the goal of creating a more versatile and functional outdoor lighting product. Our thousands of happy Luminoodle customers inspired us to extend the Luminoodle family, which now includes the Luminoodle Color, Basecamp and TV Backlight. We love the endless use cases for flexible LED light products and how the right lighting product can improve everything we do.

Earlier this year, we were given a new challenge when a large company that loved the Luminoodle approached us with a unique use case. They needed a flexible lighting solution that was bright enough to safely maintain and repair large equipment but small enough to carry easily between job sites.

We went to work and found our early concepts of this utility light pretty exciting. It instantly had us thinking about the thousands of uses for this heavy duty, ultra-bright member of the Luminoodle family, so we decided to build out functional prototypes and bring it to the crowd!

We really appreciate you taking the time to learn more about the Luminoodle Task. If you like what you see, pledge now to be one of the first to receive this revolutionary new utility light!

Luminoodle Task – Flexible Utility Lighting

The first ultra-thin, flexible LED light with 3,600 lumens that bend to your will, mount anywhere and link together.

8.5 Total Score
Awesome Idea

The first ultra-thin, flexible LED light with 3,600 lumens that bend to your will, mount anywhere and link together.

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  • Price
  • 3600 lumens that bend to your every whim
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